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Throughout the pandemic, when I (logically) couldn't go to training at the gym, I started doing a lot of my martial arts training via online platforms. I'd used a few in the past for styles I didn't have access to locally, but once they became the sole source of my training I realised that they consistently have terrible UX and educational design. This only became more apparent when I started doing some dance training via Steezy has superb UX, dedicated educational designers, and a particularly clever and feature rich video player.

This, combined with me having some very strong opinions on the culture and mentality surrounding martial arts, inspired me to try my hand at building a comparable web player with the hopes to start a web platform which could serve as an effective online learning tool.

It's still very buggy, but I have an early prototype of the video player, and have done some basic planning and competitor analysis for the web site. I also have a collaborator, Dr Nat Texler, a workmate with film and theatre experience and Karate black belt. For fun and to give a bit of a marketing edge, we're potentially looking to cross this over with our virtual production knowledge. Seen here in my example footage made against green screen using Unreal Engine. (The colours in the gif got butchered by compression).


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