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Arisk, Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Arisk was a project I worked on as a freelancer for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. The game itself is a retro-style vertical platformer where the player has to carefully manage the objects they collect and interact with as to maintain their constantly accumulating stress and avoid fatal interactions. This was done as a part of a larger public awareness campaign designed to educate the public on the dangers of misusing prescription medication. 


Formally I was hired as the sole programmer (working alongside another freelance Artist and Designer) on the project but I was also responsible for a lot of the distribution and publishing as the organisation was not particularly familiar with the sector or platforms. The game was developed between February and April of 2017 and published to Facebook (as WebGL) and Android. An iOS port was started but there were issues with Apple's approval process.

Made in Unity for Facebook, Android, and iOS


The Android version has been discontinued.

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