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Escape Vector

Escape Vector, Aether Alchemist

Escape Vector first started as a project to work on alongside students I was supervising while they worked on projects of their own. Escape Vector was my first title which I developed and launched largely by myself and was the first launched under the Aether Alchemist brand. This project also started my trend of developing my projects around wanting to learn new approaches and refine my skills rather than being developed with financial gain in mind, as such it's also the most polished project I've worked on.

I had originally intended to do everything myself, but after my workmates, Jody Kruger and Trevor Dikes, volunteered to help out by lending their specialities (modelling the spacecraft and doing the audio, respectively) I couldn't say no, I owe the real polish of this game to their efforts.

PC download here


Made in Unity for PC and Android



Edward Whitehead 

Jody Kruger - 3d Assets

Trevor Dikes - Audio


Special Thanks to Mike Blackney for use of his shader and programming support and advice.

Thank you to all of my testers which gave me such awesome feedback.

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