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Planet B

Planet B

Planet B was developed for Unreal Megajam2023 for the theme 'Antiquated Future'. We decided to try and come at that from both a mechanical and narrative angle, opting for a side profile point and click reminiscent of Monkey Island - a style you don't see much anymore - and a narrative setting of exploring a supposedly ancient ruin and finding evidence of a previous advanced civilisation. 

Whilst the game was a bit overscoped and didn't fully come together in time, I'm very happy with the underlying architecture and plan to repurpose it in the future for a different game. I'm also exceedingly happy with the model of Simon - the Star Wars-esque robot which follows Maddie (the protagonist) around and which you use to complete puzzles. You can get a better look at Simon on Artstation

"History Rhymes. What the future holds are often antiquated in the sense that it have been foretold, repeated, but forgotten. Will we ever learn from history and survive tomorrow?"


Download available at

Made in Unreal Engine 5 for PC


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