Welcome to my portfolio, here you can find out about, and download, many of the projects I've worked on.
My more experimental or incomplete projects can be found in my blog.
Streams                Details

Streams started as a project in the Global Game Jam in 2012 in Melbourne where it achieved the local 'Most Fun' award.

The next year, a smaller sub-group of those of us who worked on the project got together and refined the concept before releasing it on Android in December of 2013.



Escape Vector      Details

Escape Vector was planned originally as a project to work on alongside my students I was supervising while they worked on projects of their own. Escape Vector was my first title which I developed and launched largely by myself and was the first launched under the Aether Alchemist brand. This project also started my trend of developing my projects around wanting to learn new approaches and refine my skills rather than being developed with financial gain in mind, as such it's also the most polished project I've worked on.


Icarus Fall             Details


Icarus Fall was a project I worked on for Tyson Butler-Boschma. This was also the first time I'd taken on a purely programmer role and had no management or design involvement (aside from some occasional feedback) which was quite an interesting experience. 



This Looks Safe    Details

This Looks Safe was developed as part of the 2014 Global Game Jam in Melbourne. This project was a lot of fun to work on because I got to try my hand at things I don't normally do, we went into this project trying not to work in our specialisations if at all possible and focus on our weaker areas, this was also the first 2D game I'd made in Unity. 



Utensil Quest        Details

Utensil Quest was developed as part of the 2015 Global Game Jam in Melbourne. The theme that year was 'What do we do now?' which prompted my team a lean towards asymettrical multiplayer. We ended up making this game focused around one player using an oculus rift in a standard first person setup while another player verbally guides them while monitoring security cameras. 



Bust-A-Web          Details

Bust-A-Web was developed as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam. The first time I've worked almost entirely with people I already knew at a jam and also the largest group I've worked with. Bust A Web was our attempt at stretching the 'Ritual' theme as far as we could to a peacock spider dance battle (mating ritual) where the loser is lunch.


L-Wave                 Details

L-Wave was developed as part of the 2017 Global Game Jam. This jam I joined a group with some friends last minute after their programmer was unable to make it. They'd already decided to aim to make 'the gayest game ever' this year as an added design goal. So we made a 'robot lesbian dating sim'. This was a really interesting technical challenge as I'd never worked with branching dialogue, had to learn a lot about Unity's UI system, and it helped to inspire some later work on procedural character generation.


Arisk                     Details

Arisk is a retro-style platformer where you have to carefully manage the objects you collect and interact with in order to manage your accumulating stress and avoid harmful interactions. This was a freelance project I worked on for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation as part of a larger awareness campaign.


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