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Southbank, Australia.


Work experience
Owner, Developer, Aether Alchemist

November 2014 - present

  • Developing small independent game, animation, and app projects 


Senior Lecturer, Games Department, SAE Qantm Creative Media College

November 2018 - Present

  • Lecturing and tutoring units, currently focused on Prototyping, Level Design, Art Direction and Asset Creation, and Pipelines and Processes.

  • Assisting in the running of the games department, managing lecturing staff, and working with Department and Academic Coordinators to manage workloads and scheduling.

  • Assisting the Department Coordinator and management with the hiring and training of new staff.

  • Working with students on support plans and academic probation.

  • Working with the national Program Committee to refine and develop course content and develop new units and programs.


Lecturer in Game Design, SAEQ Creative Media College

May 2012 - November 2018


  • Lecturing and tutoring in units focused on introductory scripting, rapid prototyping and game design theory

  • Involves the preparation and delivery of content at a higher education level

  • Involves the supervision of both final collaborative projects and independent research projects

Environment Artist, RnD, Tech Support, Alex Theatre/Red Brick Wall Project

August 2020 - August 2021

  • Worked on multiple projects at a virtual production LED stage startup operating out of the Alex Theatre.

  • Environment artist on the Sony Film Festival Finalist 'A Theory of Incompleteness'

  • Helped develop and test tools, workflows, and environments for stage operations and demonstrations.

  • Produced short film 'Cyberfight'. Included developing the environment, co-directing, editing, and performing.


Sessional Lecturer, AIM Studio - RMIT University

March - May 2013


  • Worked as sessional lecturing staff fulfilling the role of Executive Producer on the major collaborative project component of the Master of Creative Media degree.

  • The project was made in Unity3d.

Engine Lead, AIM Collaborative Studio

March - May 2012


  • Worked as Engine Lead on the semester-long major collaborative project.

  • In charge of core development and scripting on the project and the management of team members.

  • The project was made in Unity3d.


Team BLIP/Blip Games Studios

Jan 2012-December 2013


  • Worked on the development of a small scale game using Unity3d over the course of 48 hour challenge, Global Game Jam.

  • Instructed the team programmers in the use of the Unity3d engine and served as an intermediary between tech and design.

  • The project achieved the local ‘most fun’ award.

  • Revived the project the following year as the project manager with a smaller team.

  • The project was released on Android as ‘Streams’ and had 100+ downloads and an average 4.9 user review rating.







Unreal Engine 5



Game Design

Game Programming



Davinci Resolve




Masters in Creative Media, Animation and Interactive Media

2012 - 2013

RMIT-AIM Studio, Melbourne.

Bachelor in Interactive Entertainment, Games Design

2009 - 2011

Qantm College, Melbourne.

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