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Music Video Update!

I've finally got the scenes done* (scene 4 could do with some work) and I'm getting through the music, three out of four have a rough sketch down just using some simple ensemble instruments to get the general idea down, I'll be looking to split those out into individual instruments once I'm happy with them so I can get more control and to help with mixing. I'm using the BBC Symphony pack from Spitfire Labs and some HALion Sonic SE instruments and working in Reaper.

Scene 1, The scene one finds our hero feeling triumphant, they've found the secret ruins and hopefully the power they're seeking.

The current Midi in Reaper.

Overall I'm happy with the direction and tone but it's a bit boring and simple (yet also busy), I probably need a more interesting melody. Very piano focused as I'm treating it as the character for the hero across all pieces, which will become more obvious as they go on.

Scene 2, The hero has found the entrance, but something isn't right, there's something unsettling about it and they're grappling with their doubts and insecurities. The art (which may not show at this resolution) has some hidden skulls and the light from below moves around unsettlingly.

The current Midi in Reaper.

There are things I like about it, I feel like I have the feeling of apprehension coming through and I want an abrupt stop with no outro I think, but I will want an airy fade out or something eventually. It's just very unfinished feeling still.

Scene 3, Our hero finds a chamber filled with treasures, and the power he's seeking, there's no pretense anymore that something is wrong with it though with the gargoyles, statues, and bones among the treasure. But is it still worth it?

I have not managed to even get a start on the midi for this one... I know I want something with a sense of temptation and possibly a kind of dueling between the piano and another instrument, possibly a flute or clarinet given the heavier woodwind in scene 4 (in the current draft) like the power is trying to coerce them One Ring style.

Scene 4, Taking the power was a mistake and has cost the world dearly, the evil has one, and everything is desolated. This is a repeat of scene 1 but everything is dead and gone, not visible in the still are the lighting in the sky and the swirling mists.

The current Midi in Reaper:

I wrote this just working with from a starting key and scales that research suggested would convey the mood I wanted (my approach starting all of them honestly) but I'm wondering if I want to try and pull in some of the motifs from scene 1 shifted minor key to throw back like I am visually... I like the ostinato and the general string and brass interplay but I'm struggling with the woodwinds - which are having to step up now that the piano (our hero) is gone - and I haven't approached percussion yet.


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