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Motion Graphic Music Video - WIP

One of my other hobbies - which gets a little less time than the others - is music. I've recently been working on learning composition in Reaper and after watching a lot of youtube videos of 'songs to work out to' and 'songs to study to' etc and seeing that trend of a simple motion graphic over music I decided to make one myself. I'd already been playing with some post process materials and kicking around the idea of doing a more stylised looking film or show next after my current animation projects so I thought I'd adapt that. The assets right now are all from various packs but I'm expecting I'll make some custom assets for shot 3.

The plan is to make four environments telling a very short little story with each getting a song accompaniment. I have admittedly been spending much more time with the environments with the music. I've been doing a lot of study and experimenting but do not have even a draft of any of the songs, but I have the first two shots picture locked and the last at about 75% (VFX are placeholder) but I'm struggling with the third, and have now taken it back to the drawing board.

Shot 1, our hero finds their destination, the song will be triumphant and optimistic.

Shot 2, they find an entrance to a ruin, ominous, our first hints that something isn't right. Music will be mysterious, eerie.

Shot 3 is undergoing a rebuild as I wasn't happy with the first environment, but will be focused on temptation. I like the idea of a statue holding the item which is giving off the purple energy of shots 2 and 4, almost offering it to the hero.

Shot 4, everything goes wrong. A return to shot 1 but the world is desolated. Music will sound defeated, evil.


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