Virtual Production

As an extension of my work in Unreal Engine and exploring environment art and technical art, and my overlap with stunt acting (if you'd like to see more on that, check my instagram), I got the opportunity to work on some virtual production projects on an LED stage and then on a working party exploring the concept for SAE Institute.


Directed and Produced by myself and Meg Woods and starring myself and Shem Le Scelle, Cyberfight was a project designed to experiment with the technology and produce showreel content for the people involved. As a part of its production I also produced a making of documentary to record the process and reflect upon its challenges and successes.

The film shows a cyborg enforcer (Shem Le Scelle) who has caught up with his mark (Myself) and plans to bring him in for a bounty, but gets more than he bargained for.

A Theory Of Incompleteness

A theory of incompleteness, directed by Simon Green, was filmed at the same location as Cyberfight and I contributed to the project as an environment artist, helping to develop the tools at the space, and as a general stagehand on shoot day. The film was a finalist at the Sony Film Festival in 2021


A Theory Of Incompleteness - Alex Press