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Crash Bandicoot Inspired Mobile Game

I've started what will possibly become a prototype for my next game, it's mainly a technical exercise as I’ve been looking into cameras a lot lately. I had some interesting bugs because I wasn’t aware of the differing refresh rates with physics based objects and that was giving me some strange stuttering problems, but it’s resolved now. I have a bit of a loose concept to do a Crash-Bandicoot style game that’s a subtle commentary on Australian politics if I ever get the time and resources, but it will also be a great basis for working on my art skills.

The player controls are entirely physics based and the camera works by setting a relative position to the player then using a lerp to move towards that position from its current position (speed is affected by how far it is from that position, in this way it moves subtly when the player moves slowly, but the player can also never get too far away, as it will accelerate as they move away). This relative position can also be changed at run time, at the moment the prototype has three different perspectives which will allow for different gameplay in different stages of the game.

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